Our Great Harbour City

Nanaimo has come a very long way over the past 24 years that I have resided here. The growth residentially and commercially has brought Nanaimo to a level greater than ever before. Nanaimo contractors and homebuilders have even raised the bar on quality, design and unique finishing.

My experience over the past 15+ years as a realtor has made me realize that people are only now seeing Nanaimo as being a fabulous retirement destination. Nanaimo, however, continues to grow as the family friendly city it has always been.

No matter what your age or interests, our city offers a wide variety of recreational, and cultural programs not to mention the many competitive and recreational sporting organizations that thrive here.

Equipped with nature trails, shopping, all levels of schooling, ferry services and recently upgraded air travel, as well as the convenience of all amenities being just minutes away from any area of Nanaimo, our city is truly a fabulous place to live!

Nanaimo’s central Vancouver Island location and proximity to B.C. Ferries service (, and the Nanaimo Airport (, travel to the Mainland is quick and easy.
Our Vancouver Island University Campus is constantly growing and changing.  For current programs and upcoming events visit

Nanaimo is developing and changing rapidly.  Learn more at

If you do not already live here, come visit and be taken in by…Our Great Harbour City!